The 4-Point Agenda: 3- Increase Total Research Income from External Sources

The ability to source and obtain external research-related income (nationally and internationally) is the major factor that determines the capacity of a University to embark on and deliver on an ambitious research agenda.


To achieve 20% per annum increase in external research funding


(i)           Provide comprehensive and up to date information (databases) on available grant opportunities, including the priority focus areas.

(ii)           Clearly identify and outline FUTO’s targets for increased funding, partnering, and relationship building as well as how progress will be monitored.

(iii)          Set clear targets in individual, group and RPA operational plans for research income growth

(iv)         Increase the number of research proposals submitted

(v)          Undertake internal review processes for grant applications: from Departmental to University levels.

(vi)         Initiate grant mentoring/grant writing workshops at all levels

(vii)        Adjust grant writing and review cycles to suit grant application deadlines.

(viii)       Provide strategic and operational support for large grant applications

(ix)          Position commercial research activities to support ongoing research.

(x)           Include research income performance targets in staff appraisal exercise.

(xi)          Promote culture of externally funded PhD research and provide adequate incentives.