The 4-Point Agenda: 2- Identify, Develop and Implement Strategically Important Research Partnership


To develop and maintain enduring and multilayered research relationships with selected developing world (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia; South Africa) and developed world (Europe and America) institutions as measured by:

  • Increased joint publications;
  • Increased citation visibility;
  • Enhanced research scope, scale and capability
  • Increased number of quality research students;
  • Joint research grants income.


(i)           Identify, develop and sustain strategic research partnerships at institutional level with key leading research institutes and universities in the Developing World, Europe and America.

(ii)           Encourage staff to establish individual collaborations with scientists abroad.

(iii)          Initiate FUTO-Collaborator PhD programs in key areas.

(iv)         Provide support for the development of selected high-level research collaboration platforms (joint centers and research programs).

(v)          Target promising international scholars from potential partner institutions for funded short visits and lectureships.

(vi)         Invest in information technologies and e-Research infrastructure to support our partnerships including cross-institution research and researcher development activities.