The 4-Point Agenda: 1- Improve Research Quality and Impact

The primary research product of a University is its publication base, providing both the tangible evidence of validated (peer-reviewed) research outcomes and the basis for academic impact through citation.


  • To increase the quality and number of research publications
  • To achieve 5% per annum growth in number of high impact factor research publications.
  • To achieve 5% per annum growth in total citations.
  • To develop patents


(i)            Undertake strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT analysis) of the current status of research and innovation in FUTO and then establish key research priority areas (RPAs) that engage researchers in all Schools and Institutes in interdisciplinary research that will address pressing national and global problems as well as promote robust long lasting partnerships. Several viable sub areas will be identified within each RPA.

(ii)           RPAs must take into consideration, national and international governments’ plans for science and technology investment in research & development (R&D), budget and strategic plans of all relevant federal agencies and international donor agencies etc.

(iii)          Building teams for innovative research (BTIR), initially by organizing effective “Speed Networking” sessions on campus.

(iv)         Maintain an incentive scheme for publication in high profile/impact journals and provide appropriate resources to improve publications success.

(v)          Establish criteria for identification and reward of established productive researchers (EPRs); and ensure support for excellent researchers, commensurate with their productivity, regardless of research area.

(vi)         Obtain annual records of publications from each Department/Unit (from 2013) and ensure comprehensive and accurate recording of research publications in FUTO research database.

(vii)        Establish and maintain publication requirement for PG thesis submission and defense.

(viii)       Promote preparation of PhD theses as a series of papers or chapters in submission format.

(ix)          Establish a post-submission publication awards scheme for PG students.

(x)           Develop an electronic library system for researchers and establish full access to international journal databases.